Principal Message




“Gyan” knowledge the word that varies mankind from the other species of the universe, that is to say man is considered one of the specific creatures among the eighty four lakh species surviving in our cosmos (earth). Certainly, the question should be debated, about the principality of this race promoted to be the highest in the materialistic universe? The answer can be simply generated, likewise other creature human being have every thing similar, the merits that distinguish  them with others are  understanding, judging and having complete sense of humor, that is to say knowledge. Since the child takes birth, he is as same as the others, every trait are common in him but he gradually takes himself away from the other on the basis of the understanding which inculcates him to learn more. The process to start judging and analyzing on the dynamic or insensate to reach the complete conclusion is called education.

EDUCATION’ which has been in trained since the world existed; it means it has been essential need for developing culture and civilization that ultimately become source of his economic, scientific and other extension.

Today with the world that is shaping into multi forms, the very idea of ideological education does not match in the current frame. To get together with the time has become the ultimate demand of human nature, as the new invention of the technologies, the different forms of economic growth and above all the intervention of industrialization, these all have changed very shape of the human face today. Thus to make with world is the question today and will certainly be brought together.

As in “CHANAKYA NITI” has been revealed the development comes is very comfortable. If it is taken morally, it becomes the matter of permanent happiness. The very conclusion lies in the heart of the education that ultimately helps him to reach up to the stage.